Growing Pains

Accepting and embracing pain is a part of growth.

Spring wind has caught up in this part of the world where I live. Sad to say that last night's incident finds me annoyed and even angry. My friend's car was burglarised whilst parked in the  space area with security gate where I live. The left car window front seat was smashed to pieces.  Increasing crime even in supposed safe areas is simply alarming.Even spring rain occasionally abuse grass the past days...

"He feels but the pain of his own body and mourns only for himself." ~ Job 14.22

To know enough, to remind ourselves, and to accept discomfort that pain, disappointment and annoyances are part of our natural life... we should.  But not too much pain though.

Come to think of it, on reflection, I'm astounded to discover the countless of moments I've spent trying to minimize and avoid pain, sensible or at times self-made. How about you? I mean pain from a love lost, rejection, betrayal, illness, and all other kinds we experience in the byways of life.  And other times we are afraid to admit and face our own anger, our self-denials of who we really are.

Sometimes it's perplexing to think how other people can show no empathy whatsoever. PErhaps a facade from deeper hurt?

Just as a breath can blow out a flame, a careless remark or body language of indifference can cast a shadow of hurt across another heart.

Yet time does wonders, and acceptance of things that are. There comes a point in life when we no longer fear it nor avoid it. We accept it as part of life.  Then we can live life more fully, to seize the day.  Carpe diem!

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