Our Pains and God's Graces

Our pains also relates to God's Graces

How much of our time is spent trying to avoid pain? For many of us who have undergone all sorts of pains, as major crises or category of pain we label it, it's one of the most difficult sensation and suffering we have to put up with as human beings.

And yet, pain is a part of the entire puzzle in our lives, otherwise without it, the puzzle will never be complete. We experience, we feel joy, we feel pain.  Sadness, happiness. Agony, ecstacy... indeed, a mixture of experiences and feelings. 

Accepting pain is never easy. We can try to avoid pain, but exhausting ourselves too much about it  isn't worth our while either. We only lose some good time.

God's wonderful and rich compassion is like a flowing stream that brings refreshment and renewal to us, His children. As we yield ourselves to His will, He will work on His divine and wonderful grace to refresh and heal our broken selves.

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