Saying Thank You

It feels good to have a 'gratitude journal' or 'today list of gratitude', a place to enter our gratitude for the day.  Caring friends are such blessings. And best of all, we thank God for the day to day blessings we are provided. Many times we take them for granted. Somehow, our strength and vigor increase when we feel the thoughtfulness of friends or strangers who provide kindness we least expect.

Express joy in thankfulness

As a child, I've always loved this song which I used to sing during Sunday School. It's heartwarming to remember people who have brought and continuously bring love into our lives, and how wide a circle it is:

Happy days to all those that we love;
Happy days to all those that love us.
Happy days to all those that love them,
that love those
that love them
that love those
that love us.

It isn't enough to be grateful. We have to express our gratitude by showing it. It inspires many acts of giving.

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