Doing Music and Songs for Church

Church Music and Songs

By Kathy Brunker, Guest Writer

How You Do Music and Songs for the Church

Doing music in church is all about Jesus’ followers doing two main things:  bringing glory to God, and serving His people.

    These two guiding principles are especially important for church music directors or music coordinators to consider. If practiced, then everything else falls into place.

    Choosing the Musicians and Singers

    When we are selecting musicians to play in our church services we’ll want to choose people who are committed Christians, not those who merely excel on their chosen instrument.  These committed Christians will want to bring glory to God rather than themselves when they play.  They will want to play to help the congregation sing well rather than to help themselves. 
    Choosing the Songs and Music

    When we are choosing which songs to select we’ll want to be certain that the songs bring glory to God rather than us.  We’ll want to choose songs with melodies that are easy to sing and we’ll want to choose songs that allow the congregation to listen to God’s Word, encourage each other  and respond to God.  If there are people with differing preferences on musical styles in the congregation, then we’ll choose some songs from each style. These things will mean we’re serving God’s people well.

    Church Songs and Music, Congregation in Mind   

    When we are deciding how to play songs we’ll want to behave in a Godly manner and use Godly discernment.  Perhaps
    there are a number of elderly people in the congregation who don’t like contemporary music.  Then we’ll bring God glory
    and serve His people best by making sure the drums and the bass are not overpowering.  We’ll want to make sure that the songs are in a suitable key for the congregation to sing and we’ll also want to be sure that the arrangements of the songs enhance the congregation’s singing rather than hamper it.

    These are but a few examples of how practical situations can be resolved by following these two main principles which will allow you to do music in church well.

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    "Cello and organ church music."  Sunday Service with music provided by a Cellist & an Organist during Offertory, taken by T Asiado.

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