Body Under Repair - Slow Down and Rest

Slow down, body needs repair. Time out.

What does the Bible say about health? I can think of some verses I can quote. Here's one, when the body is physically sound and functioning well: "They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong." ~ Psalm 73.4. (NIV)

The scenario.

It happens.  Health caves in. Not a good sign. Body's communicating that something's definitely wrong. Few visits to the Medical Centre. GPs and specialist doctors. There's nothing like a serious health problem to completely knock us down and make us reflect.

The stages:

Anxiety and more depression of a suppliant child -- Why did it have to happen now, with enough crises already going on? Why God? Why now? Should I tell loved ones, family, and friends?

Roller Coaster of faith -- This one is too sensitive to pen down. Each one of us undergoes that kind of upheaval when the only thing that matter between our pain and anxieties is our relationship with God. When our faith and trust in a loving God is challenged.

Acceptance, mixed with denial -- Short-lived.   Ardent praying is one answer, and we don't necessarily have to be religious to pray like a suppliant child. Provided we have a God we believe in.

Acceptance, mixed with fear -- Been to two GPs.  To a specialist. Health concerns do exist.  Ask the first GP. Better still, a second GP. Or a third opinion maybe? Who knows best but the specialists. Where's everybody? Does anyone care? Will the doctor be gentle next week? How about the nurses who may be careless in doing those nasty needle tests. Ouch! More prayer... Today, feeling better. Yesterday, not that bad.  But still ---

Acceptance, with zero denial -- Been to the doctors. Second GP was specially attentive and listening. Thank God there are still caring doctors.  Will face it.  Faith looks up to a God who has promised strength and love.

So much to learn from and reflect on, over the last  few weeks...  Next week starting Monday is another stage in a life.   Ready to face another week?  More tests?   

The now-acceptance -- Body's under repair, needs fixing.

Recovery --- the next stage.  Facing the future, new days and nights. New Year.  Forging new friendships and other relationships. Letting go. Moving on. Avoiding unnecessary stress. Starting to feel good already.

It's no longer strange -- How, even when body is not physically up to par, being feels far more at peace, quieted down. The ultimate difference?  It is this faith and trust in the ever-present caring and loving God, comforter and friend.     


Snowed under? I'm guilty. In many ways, we let go or let things that matter most slip by - like taking care of one's health, practicing kindness, a brief call or a short email to keep in touch, ... those little things that make a feel-good difference.   We don't need to wait for life's rain to pour before finding time to slow down.   How about you?

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