The Courage to Live Amid Life Challenges

Musings as the New Year approaches.  

Sometimes inevitable things happen. We struggle with extreme loneliness and feeling of dejection; taking care of sick parents, partners or children, coping with loved one's death. On top, ourselves may be faced with financial bankruptcy that has drained us to the limits of our resources. Or just coping with serious illness and chronic pains and trying to survive each moment.  Or dealing with a difficult spouse. Or raising a family as a single parent. Many more of these terrible 'or...' 

I always have a ready verse to hang on to that says, "My yoke is heavy but my burden is light" (Matthew 11:30), which means that no matter what befalls, I have God my divine rock and strength, who will lovingly give the courage to carry on. 

Have your friends, business partner or people you've trusted forsaken you? Then trust God for that source of strength in sorting out your life.  Pray for courage and clear mind to be able to work things out.

Carrying a heavy load that you can no longer dismiss? Let's ask ourselves and ponder a moment why our load is so heavy and if there's anything we can do to lighten it.

I thank God for the gift of writing, pen and paper always at hand to rescue me to provide a fulfilling companionship from worthless wonderings.  I thank God for music that soothe the sorrowing earthly woes, and even when my muse refuses to write, occasionally.

How about you?

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