Forgiveness: I'm Sorry

Having difficulty forgiving? You are not alone. 

As we go through life striving to find our peace of mind, situations may frustrate us as some people can rub us the wrong way consciously or not,  and cause us to respond eye for an eye.   

The Devil's intent is always to spoil that which is good. Even before God's gift of life was ours, he stated his assault in the Garden of Eden. But God in His mercies will not let His power be defeated. Side by side the Devil lures us to sell our souls to him like he does to Dr. Faustus. But through storms of life, God is ever nearby ready for us, if we but seek his help.  Once again, God takes our hand with His own forgiving grasp.

For our own peace of mind, we must ask God to give us the courage to apologise to those we have offended or hurt. Nowadays when I think of the word 'forgive' - always, one of the most difficult things to do - I remember that young girl Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who went into hiding in July 1942. A victim of the Holocausts, she wrote a diary about her life in hiding as the family spent the next two years in a secret attic. 

Good on Anne, she was able to see through the hatred and brutality during those times that she and her family struggled, the true creation of God and the goodness of all creatures, persecutors and killers included.

Can we look beneath the hurtful and insensitive act that someone  has done to us lately?  Or, if it's us who have done the hurting, is it that difficult to say "I'm sorry" from the heart?  It's not always going to be easy, but we can pray and ask God to help us ask others to forgive us, and likewise, to forgive those who hurt us.

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