Courage to Face Changes

Reflection for the New Year

When are our best days, weeks or months of our lives? When we’re kids, growing up? In college? Or at some later stage in adult life?

What can we do when we feel trapped with trying times on and on? And on? Seemingly endless…

It’s probably not as bad as we think. There are always things we dislike and others we relish, some we may hold in our hearts forever. Once I heard the four-year-old lovely daughter of a friend say, “I don’t like school, but I might change my mind.”

I suppose it’s in the attitude we bring through… The week has been a bit exhausting, what with unforeseen disruptions from plans. But it's not that bad either. It depends really on how we take things. That element of patience, and cool.

I remember Lewis Carroll's words. He said, “The route you take depends a good deal upon where you want to go.” Well said, Mr. Carroll. No wonder, I’ve always loved Through the Looking Glass and the lovely Alice in wonderland. What keeps coming back are these bits and pieces —

Finding the courage to face change.
Mary in the world of Marthas …
When you are not the prize of what you think…Of love and passion.
Of friendship.
Of letting go.

Let go.

There are only diminishing things ahead.
I go back to where I started -
Finding the courage to face changes.

A happy and peaceful New Year.

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