Intercessory Prayer and Great Intercessors

Leaders of the Bible Great Intercessors.

Who are these Biblical intercessors who prayed in earnest to God?  There are many of them,  and to name a few:

  • Moses interceded for the people of Israel, in particular, for the forty days and forty nights.
  • Elisha the prophet interceded for a dead son.
  • Job interceded for his friends while suffering for his terrible losses.
  • Daniel interceded for Israel, for twenty one days.
  • Apostle Paul in the New Testament interceded through prayers in practically all his letters to the Christian churches during his ministry.

Jesus, the Greatest Intercessor

It is often said that intercessory prayer possesses a kind of purity that exceeds any other form of prayer. Although many great leaders of the Bible were great intercessors, who can ignore the greatest intercessor of them all? I'm talking about Jesus. My thoughts are strengthened while listening to the hymn "Jesus, Lover of my Soul."  It was Jesus who endlessly took up on earth the challenging task of interceding to God the Father.  What an intercessor! He had to die on that rugged cross to intercede on our behalf.

Many of the great evangelists from years gone were great intercessors, come to mind Thomas a Kempis, the German writer and Augustinian monk famous for his book The Imitation of Christ, and John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church. Then we have Billy Graham, known as the best evangelist in modern times.

In our hectic days of trying to make ends meet with everyday realities, we sometimes  forget to pray. Or we only pray in earnest in moments of despair or utmost need, like a loved one is terminally ill or we are struggling financially. When life becomes smooth going, we neglect prayers once again.

May we be blest by God to carry on our intercessory prayers not just in dire needs but as a pleasant and cleansing act of faith.

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