Hymn - This is My Father's World

History of the Hymn "This is My Father's World"

This is My Father's World, Salzburg,Liz RingroseWhat significant way to reflect on Father's Day, in celebration of the Dads in the world, than to give thanks and laud him, the greatest and most awesome father of all, our Father God Almighty!

"This is My Father's World," a hymn taken from a sixteen-verse poem written by the Reverend Maltbie D. Babcock, one of the outstanding Presbyterian ministers of his day. The music was composed by Franklin Sheppard, to the tune of "terra Beata." It was published posthumously in 1901.

The hymn  shows God's presence, power, personality and purpose. Scripture references Psalm 33:5, Psalm 50:12b.  Continue reading ... This is My Father's World

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