New Year Assurances from the Bible

Five assurances of the Bible to begin the year with faith and hope

"Assurance" to believers means a pledge of God given to us - that Jesus will one day return, but we do need to fully trust him. As we reflect on these assurances, we face the challenge of another 12 months of new beginnings beckoning as we welcome the New Year.

Cherished memories of the past linger on, whilst to others it's a year full of personal problems such as illness and financial difficulties, or death of loved ones we'd rather forget. We want to move on, start a clean slate. We wait for the new year with anticipation, for the month of January draws a sign of moving on to another journey of challenges ahead...

What are these five assurances that the Bible gives us?

  1. The assurance of Forgiveness

  2. The assurance of Answered Prayer

  3. The assurance of Salvation

  4. The assurance of Victory

  5. The assurance of Guidance

For Christians, nothing can be sweeter than be drawn to God in Christ. We can begin the new year with hope of assurance in his abiding love.

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Blessed Assurance. Youtube, uploaded by thenba. Accessed 31 December 2012.

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