New Year Challenges

It's been another challenging week. Occasional health concerns.  Roller coastering. Trying times.

Not a chance to hear a favourite violin concerto of Mozart but Bach is beautiful too, gracing me with his Concerto in C minor for violin and oboe.

It's during the tough times that we rediscover the depths of our strength. It's then when we realize that a power has enabled us to do what we thought we could not.  I call my higher power God, always available, even at times when I feel he has abandoned me when I need him most.   "Perhaps love," says John Denver, "... It exists to give you comfort, It is there to keep you warm. And in those times of trouble, when you are most alone, the memory of love will bring you home."

God refines recklessness. Suddenly I thought of that episode when Jesus walks on water (Matthew 14: 22-33), and v. 28 in particular. "Lord, if it's you," Peter, the spokesman of the 12 disciples, replied, "tell me to come to you on the water."

Like any mortal, fear of failure and unforeseen obstacles usually act as deterrent to delay or retreat altogether from those things needing to be done.

We say let go, but do we really?  Then we realize we have this lingering feeling that we are not not placing our dilemmas in our higher power's care.   How can we walk on water, when honestly, we are not letting go?

I hope and pray your new year started in proper footing.   God bless.

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