Stress Test from God

Occasionally, God gives us a stress test...

Stress testing provides information about how our heart works during physical stress. During stress testing, we exercise (walk or run on a treadmill or pedal a stationary bike) to make our heart work hard and beat fast. Tests are done on our heart while we exercise.  We might have a medical problem that prevents us from exercising during a stress test. If so, our doctor may give us medicine to make our heart work hard, referred to as pharmacological stress test, as it would during exercise.

Like our GP or doctor, God examines our heart to reveal our weaknesses and potential illness.  We can be tested by challenging situations that might discomfort or even more, make us angry. Our willingness to forgive is an indicator of what we feel, what our heart undergoes.  It's not easy especially when we are hurt or betrayed. When we are pushed to our limit of human needs, traits of patience, our actions and words can reveal the condition of our heart.  Painful situations can test our faith, our trust in God.

A stress test has an important purpose. It is to examine the condition of the heart before any more damage is done to it. The test reveals what preventive methods need to be put in place to maintain a normal health. Just as regular physical heart checkups are necessary, so do spiritual checkups to keep us in a healthy condition.
"Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts."

~ Psalm 139:23 Bible, New International Version (NIV) ~

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