God's Promises Lift our Burdens

Quote from the Bible:

"But you are a shield around me, O Lord;
You bestow glory on me and lift up my head."
~ Psalm 3:3 (NIV)

Life is filled with ordinary days. There are times when the heart is not light and shoulders droop. When everyone's busy and there's no one to turn to.  Then we remember our ever present help.

Who but the Lord, the lifter of my head who promises to come to my rescue and lifts the burdens of my heart.  But only if I let him.

Let's face it: loneliness is something inside us, it happens whether we are alone or with others. It's not necessarily caused by someone's behaviour towards us.  We are lonely when we feel as if nobody cares or wants to be with us.  But it shouldn't stop here.
We can ask loved ones and friends and check if our feelings are real.  Other times, we also need to give ourselves allowance to feel lonely, as long as we are truly okay. 

Prayer: Daily Lord, you lift me high above the cares of the world - depression, discouragement, fear, conditional friends. But sometimes I tend to forget you do when I feel seemingly alone. Thank You, Lord, for reminding me that you are with me, caring.

Reflection:  What can I do when I feel lonely?  Taking time for a moment of prayer, silence and meditation, gives a renewed perspective.

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