God Chose Us, We Did Not Choose Him

We ache to be chosen, because being chosen validates our existence. Above all, it means that someone believes in us.

We have been chosen to accomplish something special, something with eternal implications, and something that matches the gifts the Creator has given you and me. When circumstances in our lives make us feel unwanted or unimportant, and we are exceedingly humbled, let us remember: we are chosen, and we are here for a purpose.

Perhaps some of us have been chosen to parent a child who will ultimately bring peace to our world or a task to dry the eyes and heal the hurting heart of a friend. It could be that we've been chosen to heal the sick as a doctor. Or to share His love and kindness through a writer's inspired pen. Or be a devoted spouse in a world sometimes lacking in loyalties.

Are we experiencing the uncertainty of everyday existence?  Let's not forget to keep an eye on the heavens. His resurrection marked the end to final farewells, His return will mark the end of good-byes forever, and His gathering of God's children will give birth to an eternal chorus of hallelujahs.

We need to remind ourselves that we have in our possession treasures of immeasurable worth. I speak of holy moments of experiences we have witnessed or participated that were so rich with meaning and fulfilment. Perhaps one such moment was an act of kindness that led to a lifelong friendship, a significant date that led to matrimony or the warmth from the hug of a precious child.

Maybe we've experienced the brush of a tiny, inquisitive hand against our own, a nudge or a view of God's creation that affirmed a wavering faith. Possibly a message of joy was delivered to our hearts on a lonely night from the loving God who knew we needed assurance. Whatever holy moments you've experienced, is the time to throw open the windows of our minds and allow the light to shine through all those trying moments.

Are you tired of running the race of life? Are you carrying more weight on your shoulders than you can safely handle? Are you consumed by a quiet desperation when you think about your future? Do you crave a simpler, more balanced life? Some of us have been, many times over.
You may have already learned this truth while enduring hardship or struggling through the stormy torrents of life. I would like to share it just the same with hope that it would bring light to your eyes and courage to your heart.

It is a simple message, but tried and tested: You are not alone. You will never be alone. Why? Because God chose you, you did not choose Him. Allow these words to blow over like a refreshing wind. You are not alone. It is a message of comfort. God has eagerly heralded it in His holy words since He created us and breathed life into our lungs.

When we feel burdened by life's heaviest decisions and our knees begin to buckle under their weights, He tells us to "Come to me all those who are tired and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." When we need encouragement to persevere past the pain of rejection or heartache, He reminds us to "Be still, and know that I am God."

He is Someone we did not choose, rather, He chose us.

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