Valentine's Day Thoughts of a Happy marriage

Gentle insights for Valentine's Day about keeping a happy marriage

A Christian friend of mine who is happily married sent this list to share. Below, I worked on her list, came up with an enhanced post. It's February, the month for lovers, red roses, Valentine's Day cards and box of chocolates. It's alarming that so many marriages fail. It helps to reinforce what to do when the honeymoon is over, or as my friend puts it, "what to do after you say: I do."

1. Put God first

When believers put God first in their marriage, they worship God together, seek guidance together and take comfort and joy from the blessings of their one God. For those who do not believe in God, surely you have your own higher power or someone (or something) you put high above the pedestal.

2. Know yourself and your partner

In the early infatuation, courtship or honeymoon stage of a relationship, the couple tend to see the best in each other. But when the newness wears off, they begin to see one another's faults and weaknesses. They need to continuously affirm their love for each other and spend quality time.

3. Know how and when to say you're sorry

Mistakes should be acknowledged and never to hesitate and apologize for it. We all make mistakes.

4. Be a good listener

We would rather talk than listen. Well, basically. But listening is of utmost important in any relationship for that matter. A wife should listen to her husband to assure and reassure him that he is the father and husband in the family. By the same token, a husband should listen to his wife and let her communicate her feelings and thoughts.

5. Put humour to your marriage

Enjoy each other's humour and good-nature jokes and not take each other too seriously.

6. Respect each other

To ridicule a partner diminishes the relationship. You may disagree in your opinions. Give allowances or better yet, agree to disagree in a lighthearted way.

7. Make up quickly

In times of great differences in opinion, don't hold a grudge but rather make up quickly. Hurt feeling especially when held too long can be dangerous on the relationship.

8. Focus on strengths, and not weaknesses

Look for the strength in your partner although acknowledging his weaknesses but dealing with them in a constructive manner.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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