He Comforts Me

He Comforts Me
Laurie Glass, Guest Writer/Poet

When tears begin to fall
From deep inside of me,
Still, comfort I can find
That comes from only He.

When I am overwhelmed
With sadness that I feel,
I sense His loving touch
His comfort is so real.

When weary I become
And feel I’m on my own,
I seek His holy face,
And I feel less alone.

No matter what it is,
Although it seems too much,
I still can go to Him,
And I can feel His touch.

There is no other place
This comfort can be found,
It only comes from Him
And yet it still abounds. 

He watches over me,
As one of His dear sheep,
I’m always in His view,
He never is asleep.

What happens matters not,
He always will be there,
His comfort will be mine,
I’ll never lose His care. 

(Note: Laurie Glass was my fellow columnist at Keepin' On Christian eZine wayback mid-2006. I'd like to thank her for this heart-warming poem, and timely too. Much appreciated, Tel.)

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