Carpe Diem - Seize the Day

Seizing the moment is to live life fully

We have our good days and bad days. And more, there are just bad days when we think the whole world and everyone is against us. That day when everything seems wrong. As humans we let our thoughts focus on that cluster of the bad moments.

All books on positive thinking agree and will teach us to accept the bad ones gracefully too.  I appreciate what Doddridge is saying, immaterial whether I'm religious or not, for we all have a higher power we adhere too.  Simply, it's making the most of the moment.  Carpe diem!

Life Quote from Philip Doddridge:

 "Live, while you live," the epicure would say,
"And seize the pleasures of the present day;"
"Live, while you live," the sacred preacher cries,
"And give to God each moment as it flies."
"Lord, in my views let both united be;
I live in pleasure, when I live to Thee

- Philip Doddridge, "Dum vivimus vivamus",
lines written under the motto of his family arms

Philip Doddridge (26 June 1702 – 26 October 1751) was an English leader of a Nonconformist group, hymnwriter and an educator.  He was a prolific writer whose best known book The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul was translated into seven languages. The famous Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon referred to this book as "that holy book".  Reading this book led the anti-slave trade campaigner William Wilberforce to become a Christian.  He wrote theological works and New Testament commentary, and over 400 hymns.

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Locals enjoying life on one Saturday afternoon, unmindful of passers. Photo by Tel atop the road. (R)  


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