Source of Strength

A bird struggles to break out of its shell before it comes alive. Once alive, it struggles to survive.  In a way, it's a show of its strength and the courage to survive.  For once it’s out and sees the light and smells the cool and fresh air, comes the challenge to grow, then slowly, it learns to eat, … and eventually to fly.
So do we.  We struggle to survive,  to grow, to be loved, to be accepted, to live. To love, to give, to enjoy, to share.

But unlike the birds, we may sometimes struggle to forgive. There are joys and pains, broken hearts and broken dreams. New acquaintances enter our lives, whilst some loved ones are taken away forever.

I often wonder how often we are strong enough to show how we really feel...  and I don't mean a whinge or a whine. Putting it in perspective,  I’m not sure (okay, maybe not) if birds reflect, much more, analyze like we do.  We try to let go, we need to let go, for we must give way to new beginnings, new experiences that will extend the process of growth.

There is a power greater than ourselves, I call mine God, source of strength, whatever and however we conceive this power to be.  By strength I don’t necessarily mean physical strength alone.  It’s something in line with true inner strength, when we can stand up and show, when necessary, our soft side, that gentle soul.

Isn’t it touching to see champion athletes cry after a victory? Tears of joy! They exhibit physical and emotional strength.

"My flesh and my heart may fail, 
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." 
~ Psalm 73:26

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