Longing for God

Today, I woke up with this verse in mind:  "My soul  hath a desire and longing to enter into the courts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh rejoice in the living God."  --- Psalms 84: 2

Feeling alone and dejected? It happens occasionally. We want to connect to a living person but no one seems available.

There are also times when we feel overwhelmed by the heaviness of our problems, concerns of the world we live in, our leaders' integrity and commitment, our own personal relationships, financial issues. Oh, the list can be endless.

Physically, we may be alone, but we are never really alone, for God has promised never to leave and forsake us.  As a lifelong believer I cling to this promise more and more as days and months go by. A kind of blessed assurance.     

It probably happens to you too. At times we think there's little we can do to make any difference.  To some of us, it greatly helps when we find time to practice simple sincere prayers anytime of the day.

A thought that a Christian friend of mine once said keeps coming back, "... try to think of the little you can do not as a tiny drop in a bucket, but instead, a drop of oil in a very hot machine." 

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