Purpose and Motivation

Have thine own way, Lord.

A week ago, last Saturday, I was enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend when she took me by surprise by asking me what's my purpose for working so hard, how contented I appear to be, and which she immediately followed with another question: "What motivates you?"

Not that I didn't know what to answer. I take such questions seriously.  I had few sips of my coffee before I mustered my answer. No, I did not stammer.

Christians are most likely familiar with Rick Warren's "purpose" books, journals, purpose-driven life, purpose-driven church, and so on... and yes, I have some of his books, including two copies of the journal. 


To answer my friend's questions, I go back to my Creator, always. He has a purpose for me that's why I'm here.  A purpose larger than myself makes life worth living.

Although we move on, at times a certain amount of grief lingers when a loved one is taken away, despite eased difficult times. I know too that God's purposes overflow personal boundaries including day to day challenges.

Almighty sustains, provides comfort and strength, that's why I cope, a believer copes. Even when we are physically alone, seemingly abandoned by everyone, He promises never to leave us. I've been clinging to that promise, something that has become a contained comfort.

Because He is not through with us yet, we do our best to find meaning in life. Working towards His purpose gives meaning.

But first, we need to find time, quiet moments to really listen, and listen to Him well.

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"Have thine Own Way Lord". YouTube, uploaded by Heber Vega.  Accessed May 24, 2014  

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